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      Blister - fresh packaging

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      Blister - fresh packaging

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      1, temperature and humidity management - the most effective way to prevent the heat dissipation of vegetables and inhibit the amount of breathing.

      2, cold water treatment - the use of ice cold water and crushed ice to cover the fresh product. Such as: chilled aquatic products, onion and garlic preservation.

      3, ice brine treatment - provide a salt concentration of 3.5%, plus crushed ice, so that the water temperature to 0 ° C environment treatment. This method can keep fresh nutrients from being easily lost and kept fresh. Such as: aquatic products.

      4, strong wind pre-cooling equipment - using strong wind pre-cooling, so that when the breath does not reach the height, it will quickly fall, so keep the foliage green, often used for freshly picked leafy vegetables.

      5, refrigerated Susheng - the fresh taste of the fresh food began to reduce the freshness of the method, the Susheng warehouse environment can be carried out under the conditions of 3 ~ 5 ° C low temperature and 90 ~ 95% humidity.

      6, wrap packaging - to inhibit the evaporation of water, to prevent water loss, shrinkage, in order to achieve preservation purposes. It inhibits respiration and prevents unnecessary consumption of respiratory heat to achieve freshness preservation.

      7. Refrigerated storage in cold storage - Keep fresh products fresh at 0 to 5 °C.

      8. Freezer Freezing - Keep fresh foods frozen at -18 ~ -40 °C.

      9, cleaning, sanitary conditions - work site, equipment, processing cutting tools cleaning, work staff personal hygiene, clothing clean.

      10, refrigerated, frozen transport equipment - to prevent the problem of freshness reduction caused by long-term transportation, is a very important freshness management. During the transportation process, the temperature is too high, the wind is blowing, no refrigeration, cold storage, temperature relief, etc. need to be prevented!

      Industry situation

      There are many fresh varieties, and the analysis of fresh pork industry

      Related field

      The pork industry involves a wide range of fields, from upstream corn and soybean cultivation to feed production, from breeding and slaughtering to downstream food processing. According to the current stock and price of live pigs, the industry scale is about 600 billion yuan, plus upstream and downstream, output value. It has reached 2 trillion yuan. In addition, pork prices are closely related to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In the domestic CPI composition, the price of pork is relatively high, and the rise in pork prices can easily lead to the rise of beef, mutton, poultry and eggs. In recent years, the domestic meat industry's total consumption has maintained rapid growth; at the same time, the meat consumption structure has been adjusted slightly, the proportion of cattle, sheep and chicken consumption has tended to rise, and the consumption of pork has tended to decline, but in view of its consumption in meat consumption. The base of the total amount is the largest, accounting for 64.5%, and still maintains a growth rate of 6.10%, indicating that it is still the primary choice for Chinese meat consumption.

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