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      Blister-puff pastry packaging

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      Blister-puff pastry packaging

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      In the diet of our people, the noodles have a wide range of content. Due to the influence of geographical environment, customs, raw materials and other factors, the understanding of the concept of noodles is also different.

      From the point of view of the word "face", it is generally considered to be a food that is prepared by using powdered food (mainly flour, rice flour, etc.) as a raw material to temporarily fill the hunger. In the South, it is customary to call it "dim sum", while in the north it is customary to call it "pasta". This kind of food is usually made by hand workshops. It is generally not used as a staple food, but it is eaten in the morning, afternoon or night. In terms of the form of its supply, it refers to the convenience foods (including breakfast, snacks and banquets) that are supplied by the catering industry.

      With the change of people's eating forms, the increase of raw materials, the use of mechanical equipment, and the improvement of pastry technology, the scope of Chinese noodles has become more and more widespread, and the noodles have become a kind of food, fruit, fish, shrimp and root vegetables. As the main raw material, the main method is to use the kneading technique, and the stuffing and seasoning materials are used in combination, and then cooked, the color, the fragrance, the taste and the shape of the food are excellent. In addition to the varieties supplied by the traditional catering industry, this type of food also includes pastries produced by the pastry food factory. It can be used as a meal for people to enjoy, and as a snack or snack food to adjust the taste; not only as a food to provide people with material Satisfaction can also be used as a work of art to give people a spiritual enjoyment.

      In short, the noodles are made from various foods (rice, wheat, beans, miscellaneous grains), meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, fish and shrimps, and with a variety of spices and accessories, which are prepared into Billet and stuffing, shaped and cooked into a convenient food with certain nutritional value and good color, aroma, taste and shape

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