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      Blister-tape packaging

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      Blister-tape packaging

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      1928 Scotch Tape Richard Drew, S?o Paulo, Minnesota, USA, applied for the United Kingdom and the United States on May 30, 1928. Drew developed a very light, pressure-matching adhesive, the first attempt Not sticky enough, so Drew was told: "Get this stuff back to your Scottish boss and ask them to put more glue!" ("Scotland" means "吝啬". But during the Great Depression, people I found hundreds of uses for this tape, from make-up to protecting broken eggs.

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      The tape is composed of two parts, a substrate and an adhesive, and two or more unconnected objects are joined together by bonding. The surface is coated with a layer of adhesive. The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants. In the 19th century, rubber was the main component of adhesives; modern times, various polymers were widely used. Adhesives can stick to things because their own molecules form bonds with the molecules of the object to be joined. This bond can firmly bond the molecules together. The composition of the adhesive varies from brand to brand and from polymer to polymer.

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