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      Blister-egg box packaging

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      Blister-egg box packaging

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      From raw materials: pulp egg tray, plastic egg box

      Pulp egg tray, which belongs to the transfer package, is made of recycled pulp and is used for the recovery of paper for eggs. It is inexpensive and not resistant to moisture. Only the tray, no lid, can not be sold as a terminal.

      There are many types of products used in egg boxes, egg trays, egg boxes, and egg trays, but why choose a PVC egg box?

      1, the name pulp egg tray

      Recycled pulp using materials

      Manufacturing process molding machine pressing

      Appearance pulp color

      Functional egg protection, belonging to transport packaging.

      2. At present, most of the egg packaging in the domestic market is free-range, and there is a large box of packaging. In foreign advanced countries, egg packaging uses small packaging, a box of 6, 10, 12, no more than 30, and 30 are also rare.

      The advantage of small packaging is that the damage rate is low during handling and stacking, only about 1/10 in bulk. According to foreign statistics, the breaking rate of bulk eggs is about 4.5%. This kind of crushing loss fee is also spent on a good packaging. Moreover, the price of brand eggs is high. Besides, after the egg is broken, the slimy will pollute the surrounding environment of other egg boxes. Second, small packaged eggs can be eaten with the purchase, fresh eggs, a family of three, buy a box of 6 eggs, two days to eat, 12 pieces of a box for about four days to eat. Like milk, it is always good to eat fresh. When you go to the supermarket to buy milk, take a box of eggs by the way. If you have been doing this, form a habit, you can eat healthy food with fresh eggs all year round. If you buy a big bag or a large box of 60, or even 100, eat it for a day or a month or a month, the more you eat, the less fresh it is, and the brand will have no taste. There is also an advantage in small packaging: astringency, odor, viral bacteria collusion is also less, and the volatilization is also fast, especially the pulp egg box is breathable and adsorbable, easy to exchange with fresh air outside the box, and the shelf life is also long.

      The brand egg uses a small package of pulp and egg boxes instead of a large package, and the egg breakage rate is low, fresh and less stringy. This is an effective and advanced way of brand green egg packaging, improving people's quality of life, adapting to the habits of foreign consumers and improving export competitiveness.

      Advantage editing

      Superior Beijing egg packaging protection system;

      1. Divide the egg carton into several rows. 2, excellent mold design. 3. The polygonal groove design of each crater. The panels in the tray are designed to be foldable, and the top and bottom brackets can be embedded or stacked, saving 50% of the storage space compared to conventional packaging. 4, the safety of the buckle design, the buckle is more secure. The top cover and bottom bracket with the lock and the foldable panel form a complete combination, one-shot molding. 5, excellent cylinder design. 6, the lid of different size label design, can let your product bring your brand, the packaging is more beautiful. 7, using pulp materials, can better highlight the quality of your eggs, stimulate consumers' desire to buy. 8, a variety of specifications of the design, the perfect number, better increase your sales. 9. It is extremely convenient to assemble or disassemble, and it can be disassembled or assembled in a few minutes without using the tools. The top cover and the bottom bracket are each designed with four quick locks to hold the coaming plate, so there is no need to bundle the bag, which saves the packing materials and labor costs.

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