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      Blister-SMD carrier tape packaging

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      Blister-SMD carrier tape packaging

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      SMD component carrier tape

      In the last century, the emergence of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) has revolutionized electronic products. At present, most PCB boards use this low-cost, high-productivity, and reduced PCB board production technology. SMT technology is widely used to promote the development of SMD (Surface Mounted Devices), and the original jack-type components have been replaced by SNID components. At the same time, people's small size and multi-functional requirements for mobile phones, computers and other electronic products have promoted the development of SMD components to high integration and miniaturization.

      In addition to other transport carriers such as pallets, plastic pipes, etc., SNID components must also have a transport carrier-SMD carrier system that can be used at high speed on SMT machines. From the perspective of protection, economy, capacity, etc., the carrier system is quite advantageous. This is why most of the carriers of SMD components seen on the SMT production line are carrier tape systems (paper substrates and plastic substrates).

      Requirements for the carrier system

      After the three major passive components (resistors, inductors, capacitors) change from long pins to SNIDs, the volume shrinks. The 0402 package has now appeared, and in the near future, the 02m package will be widely adopted. In all aspects of SMT, there are already 0201 devices in use. The miniaturization of these components has led to changes in the carrier tape system.

      First of all, the requirements for high precision are imposed on the carrier tape. Secondly, the speed of pick-and-place components and discrete components of the SMT machine is getting faster and faster. The I period is less than 0.09 seconds, and the high-yield material is applied to the carrier material. Strength requirements; Third, low cost, high-density packaging requirements (package spacing 2mm, usually 4mm); Finally, anti-static protection, because the components are very small, it is easy to be electrostatically adsorbed, resulting in SMT machine can not get Components or components may be turned sideways.

      Discrete components and passive components are developed in a similar process, first from the jack type to the surface mount type, and then miniaturized. From SOT223, SODS7 to the current SOD723 and TSLP package formats, their requirements for the carrier system are higher than those of the passive components, and they have higher requirements for antistatic, because these are electrostatic sensitive components. .

      In the past few decades, the package form has undergone tremendous changes, from DIP*SOIC, TSOP, QFP, PLCC*BGA, PGA*CSP-FLIPCHIP, COB or SIP, while IC integration is constant, packaged °C from single From the chip to the demon chip to the current 3, 4, these changes are constantly meeting the requirements of smaller package size and increased functionality. As can be seen from Table 1, the IC changes are becoming more and more demanding on the carrier tape. First, the feature size becomes smaller. The appearance of FLIPCHIPCOB and SIP package makes the antistatic performance of the carrier system more and more important. Secondly, the FLIPCHIP COB process requires that the carrier tape must meet the required size and high precision of the purification workshop. Of course, the scratch resistance of the carrier material is also important.

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