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      What are the advantages and disadvantages of the materials commonly used in the market to make lunch boxes?

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      What are the advantages and disadvantages of the materials commonly used in the market to make lunch boxes?

      Date of release:2019-03-06 Author: Click:

      Are you confused about what material ^ is suitable for use as a lunch box, although plastic materials are easier to provide, but have you thought about greener materials as the material of the lunch box, let's list them for you. The material of the lunch box is compared to help you make the right choice. Below is a list of the most common materials used in the market for making lunch boxes. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

      Aluminum material: The advantage is very light, no plastic (if there is no seal), it can last for a long time; the disadvantage is very easy to dent, although this does not affect the function of its use, but the aluminum lunch box may be corroded by acidic food There are also problems with the possible detrimental effects of aluminum; unless there is a silicone/plastic seal around the lid, it is not leakproof.

      Disposable plastics and styrene, the common plastic lunch boxes on the market, the advantages are very cheap, free, lightweight; the disadvantages of disposable plastic and styrene boxes (such as take-out boxes) can be used once, but it is not recommended to reuse, and It is easy to break during use.

      Reusable plastic material: practical, economical, lightweight, price range from cheap to expensive, depending on design, quality, etc. There are a large number of designs and sizes to choose from, but there are certain drawbacks, that is, some people are worried about certain plastics. Safety, or possible dyeing, in addition, not all plastic lunch boxes are safely heated in a microwave oven. Therefore, in the choice of the material of the lunch box, it is necessary to select the material of the lunch box from the purpose of the lunch box.


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