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      What are the characteristics of biodegradable lunch boxes?

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      What are the characteristics of biodegradable lunch boxes?

      Date of release:2019-03-13 Author: Click:

      The biodegradable environmentally-friendly wheat straw pulp lunch box is a biodegradable fast food container, a wheat straw biodegradable disposable food container, a disposable paper lunch box, an environmentally biodegradable take-out lunch box, and a pulp pulp container of 1000 mL. The food grade waterproof, oil-proof and pulp molded tableware products processed by natural sugarcane pulp as raw materials have the following excellent characteristics:

      1, environmental sanitation, non-toxic and harmless, healthy; 2, 120 ° C heat-resistant oil, anti-100 ° C hot water, deformation does not leak; 3, suitable for microwave oven baking, frozen fresh, high-temperature cooking; 4, recycling value, regeneration Paper recycling, resource conservation; 5, the soil naturally degraded into organic fertilizer, reduce carbon dioxide and moisture, return to nature; 6, after the product is sprayed, the coating can improve its barrier permeability, help them glutinous rice, refrigeration products are not easy to soften .

      Pulp molding green dining utensils, its physical properties, health indicators have passed the national standard GB18006, 1-1999, in line with the US FDA, European SGS, Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOH) and other international health agencies online testing standards.


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