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      Can the aluminum foil lunch box be placed in the microwave oven?

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      Can the aluminum foil lunch box be placed in the microwave oven?

      Date of release:2019-03-11 Author: Click:


      Some aluminum foil lunch boxes can be placed in a microwave oven for heating. Because the aluminum foil is coated on the outside, if you want to put it in a microwave oven, it is best to see if there is any text or pattern suitable for the microwave oven.

      Microwave oven use precautions:

      Metalware: Metalware cannot be used in microwave ovens. This is known as metal sparks that reflect microwaves when heated, which can damage the microwave oven and not heat the food. Its metal iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel, etc., any metal products can not be used, including tin foil paper can not be used.

      Paper bags and cartons: Many cooked foods are now environmentally friendly, and are mostly packaged in paper bags and cartons. However, when hot foods, do not put the paper bags in the microwave oven, because when the temperature of the microwave oven is too high, the paper is easy to burn, causing a fire in the furnace. Therefore, when heating food, it is best not to use paper bags or paper bags to food, especially when baking sweet potatoes, pay attention to safety, it is best not to use paper bags.

      Ordinary plastic bags and ordinary plastic utensils: Because ordinary plastics are easily decomposed and emit a chemical poison at high temperatures, foods are easily contaminated by toxic substances in ordinary plastic bags or ordinary plastic containers, so for your health, please use special Microwave plastic utensils to heat food.

      With box of milk or bagged milk and a variety of similar drinks. Since the package or the package is mostly made of paper or plastic, it is easily deformed or expanded by heating, and the liquid inside the package or the bag will leak. Caused by harm and loss. Therefore, the milk and beverages that need to be heated are preferably poured into a glass and then heated.

      Some foods should not be placed directly in the microwave oven: if the whole egg is placed in a microwave oven, it is easy to explode. The dish with meat skin and fungus should not be heated in a microwave oven, because it is easy to collapse. When heating, place the dish in a lidded container. The lid should be pressed or tightened, otherwise it may collapse.


      Note that the microwave oven cannot be idling because there is no microwave in the microwave to absorb the microwave, and idling will damage the microwave oven.

      Note that the heated food in the microwave oven is best to break the shell. If the whole potato is heated, it is best to use a toothpick to tie the potatoes into several holes to avoid blasting and causing harm.

      When you use the microwave, do not place anything on top.



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