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      Plastic lunch box, take the lid to put it in the microwave oven

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      Plastic lunch box, take the lid to put it in the microwave oven

      Date of release:2019-03-04 Author: Click:

      700W is roughly equivalent to the mid-range firepower of a microwave oven. Short-time heating refers to heating for 2-3 minutes. Generally, the instruction manual indicates the output power corresponding to each firepower. Cannot be used to cook cooked food.

      The most suitable utensil for microwave heating: white, porcelain without gilt, glazed porcelain and glassware; the main component of the melamine material is melamine. Microwave ovens are available, not suitable for microwave ovens; However, the lid cannot be heated in a microwave oven. Therefore, remove the lid when heating.

      If some readers feel it. You can use the following jingles to help me remember: To microwave, this article says too much and too complicated. Get the 5th, drink bottle, throw it away. Do not heat the baby bottle, the plastic film should be removed. The 7 materials are different, and it is most important to be careful about your health.

      Live playback 1 Zhang Nan is studying at the university. Get hungry and instant noodles when you are hungry. It’s too much trouble to get boiled water. Going home every week is going online. Add cold water to the boxed instant noodles and put them directly into the microwave cooking noodles. When Grandpa discovered it, he told him that the plastic box could not be used for microwave heating. Zhang Nan said that the microwave lunch box is not plastic. Uncle Zhang knows that something is wrong, but he can't convince Zhang Nan. So what is Zhang Nan doing right?

      Live playback 2 every morning. Covering the lid, Liu Yuan used to use plastic tableware to prepare breakfast. Put it in a microwave to heat it. In order to save time, turn the firepower to the maximum, set the working time to 3 minutes. After pressing the start button, the microwave oven will start to run. The food that Liu Yuan did not know is being eroded by the harmful substances released by the plastic.

      It is understood. However, in fact, there is no standard for tableware for microwave ovens in China, and there are many plastic tableware that can be used in microwave ovens on the market. These nominal "can be used in microwave ovens" are not necessarily safe for microwave heating or cooking.

      Wen Jie, Ph.D., Public Safety Doctor of Union Medical University. There are two kinds of materials for the plastic packaging of the instant noodles on the market, currently. Plastics No. 5 and No. 6 only have a plastic box labeled No. 5 for use in microwave ovens. Usually, we use a lot of microwave water cups and lunch boxes. Look at the bottom of the box with this plastic. If there is a sign surrounded by a triangular arrow, if it is No. 5, it can be heated by microwave, and No. 6 can't.

      Market research: the quality of special products is uneven

      A few days ago. The price of microwave-specific "plastic tableware sold in the market is confusing. The reporter found in the market investigation. The products are mixed, the quality is worrying, and people are not at ease.

      A large supermarket. However, there is no working temperature and recommended time labeling. The reporter saw that many of the plastic tableware he sold were marked with "microwave-specific" on the bottom. The price of these plastic tableware is more than 20-50 yuan. These microwave ovens have many varieties of dishes, but the labels are different. Some indicate the use temperature and the method of use, while others only indicate the use temperature, and some have no instructions for use.

      Experts say: microwave dedicated "not necessarily reliable

      Although many tableware are marked with microwave-specific, this does not mean that it is really suitable for microwave ovens. Dong Jinshi, deputy chairman of the China Plastics Association Plastics Recycling Committee and secretary general of the Beijing Environmental Protection Tableware Joint Organization, said. The country does not have the relevant standards for microwave tableware. Currently.

      If it is marked with microwave-specific plastic tableware. Its labeling is also not reliable. If the manufacturer uses ordinary plastic products to pretend microwave-specific plastic tableware, if the price is too cheap. This type of plastic can't withstand the high temperature of baking, it is easy to melt, the residue in the plastic penetrates into the food, people will endanger the health after eating.

      Also. Unqualified plastic products will be manufactured, and some manufacturers will reduce costs. Such plastic products will release toxic substances and cause harm to the human body if they are repeatedly recovered or heated for a long time at high temperatures.

      Consumer reminder: plastic lunch box only heats and does not cook

      It is uneven heating. The main features of microwave heating.

      A plastic product that can really be used in microwave ovens. Polypropylene can withstand temperatures of 120-130 ° C. However, the temperature at which the microwave is heated can exceed this temperature and is made of polypropylene. Up to 150 ° C.

      Even microwave oven plastic cutlery that is qualified according to the standard. Unless it is an international certification that the product is indicated for cooking or other higher requirements, it is only recommended for short-term heating below 700W. Can be used under more stringent conditions.



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