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      The importance of the choice of primary and secondary school lunch suppliers

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      The importance of the choice of primary and secondary school lunch suppliers

      Date of release:2019-03-04 Author: Click:

      Since the start of the full-day primary school, many students have lunch at school every school day. However, we have learned that school leaders and parents may ignore the nutritional quality of the lunch food from the supplier, ignoring the supplier's scale of operations, performance records, impressions of factory visits, and the results of tasting sessions and prices. If not properly considered, the result is: At school, our children eat high levels of oil, salt and sugar, and undernourished lunch food. Over time, their unhealthy eating patterns have been strengthened, leading to higher risks of non-communicable diseases such as adult diabetes and heart disease. For their better health and enjoyable learning experiences, we should take immediate action against this trend and the long-term plans of students' health and future.

      As consumers, parents of course want to see the school provide children with delicious, healthy and reasonably priced children's breakfast food. They may not realize that this depends not only on the school, but also on the lunch supplier and the choice of capable people. Whether you are a school staff member or a parent, you should understand that it is not easy to provide healthy lunch food for students, and the process of choosing a competent lunch supplier involves a large number of administrative duties of the teacher to ensure that the entire process takes place. Constantly, fairness is only a clause. In addition, the choice should consider a wide range of opinions from parents and students so that the quality of the final product reflects their requirements.

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