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      Company Overview

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      RheniumPlastic (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

      Contact: Xie Zong

      Mobile: 13405155295

      Landline: 0512-36653200

      Website: www.weeatsnow.com

      Address: No. 3, Huayang Road, Lujia Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China


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      Nowadays, absorbing-plastics materials, which are environmental protective, safe and light-weight, are the mainstream of all kinds of packing materials. Because the materials have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, storage tolerance, excellent sealing, and ease of transport, they are gradually becoming the first choice in packaging of fresh food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. 

      LaiLing Plastic(Kunshan)Co., Ltd., established at August 2013, mainly engaged in packaging of electronics, stationery, toys, jewelry, cosmetics, food, medicine using absorbing-plastics. With good product quality, rich experience, and a well-disciplined attitude, LaiLing’s PET, PS, PP, gold and silver flakes, flocking, anti-static, conductive absorbing-plastic products quickly get a lot of attention when they are introduced to the industry. In just a few years, LaiLing has built up a good reputation.

      The best way to test the product is market and time. With QS certification, LaiLing concentrates on research and development, production and sales, and creates innovative products in a way that combines design and technology. LaiLing operates the production process strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 International Quality System. It equips with the automatic blister forming machine, automatic BOPS positive pressure thermoforming machine, high precision hydraulic press and high frequency, flanging machine and other necessary equipment. All the equipment is regularly updated to meet customer needs.

      With the enthusiasm of the industry and related experience, LaiLing always follow the quality standards, and focus on enhancing the quality of products continuously to improve customer satisfaction. Safety, environmental protective, non-toxic, is not just the bottom line of packaging materials. LaiLing’s idea of "let the children eat of trust" is not a utopian scheme. LaiLing has put this idea into practice in packaging of baking, fruit, lunch boxes.


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